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Messe Düsseldorf – that also means 70 years of international experience in fairs. Upto now thousands of events have been aligned and facilitated here. Its international network is essential to Messe Düsseldorf, they steadily expand it. Like this a good third of visitors comes from abroad. Not least, this factor makes Messe Düsseldorf one of the world's top 10 trade fair organisers.

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Founded on 7 January 1947, trade fair company "Nordwestdeutsche Ausstellungsgesellschaft mbH" (NOWEA) soon established itself as a permanent exhibition company in the city of Düsseldorf – and grew from a local hero to a global player: About 70 years later Messe Düsseldorf is one of the 10 strongest trade fair venues and organisers in the world in terms of sales. It is an internationally operating company in all growth regions of the world.

Some 50 trade fairs are staged at the venue in Düsseldorf every year, including 24 leading global trade fairs. In 2015 Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event, a subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf and the city of Düsseldorf arranged 314 occupancy days with 3.463 events and 2.355.149 participants.

The exhibition area on Düsseldorf site provides in total 304.800 sqm, thereof indoor hall space 261.800 sqm and 43.000 sqm open air space.

Main areas of activity are

  • Machinery, plant and equipment
  • Retail and trade, skilled trades and services
  • Medicine and health
  • Fashion and lifestyle
  • Leisure

International representatives

  • 71 international representative offices serving 132 countries (2015)
  • 8 international subsidiaries and affiliates

Contact details

Messe Düsseldorf
Customer Care Centre
tel: +49 211 456001 
e-mail: info@messe-duesseldorf.de

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