LIEBHERR WTTC: A challenge
It takes more than 2 years of preparation for 1 week of table tennis. The LIEBHERR World Championships are a mega event, involving many people, partners and organizations. Without volunteer supporters, the WTTC in Dusseldorf would not be viable.

Behind and in front of the scenes

Big variety of tasks for the organizers

World Table Tennis Championships are a real Herculean task. The organization of the largest indoor sports event in the world is a logistical feat. Hundreds of officials and volunteers are working for hosting a perfect tournament.

Who copies the result lists? Where should the photographer sitting? Who can pick up Ma Long at the airport or who's playing when and at which table? The tasks for the volunteers at such a big event are countless. From the broken toilet to the visit of the Prime Minister, there is much to be done, and that works only hand in hand. Decisive for the success of the World Championships is of course the support of 300 voluntary helpers, which are spending their time, their expertise and their joy for the World Championships. There are also nearly 150 officials and referees, who are coming from all around the world and are working voluntarily as well. The German Table Tennis Federation is responsible for a well organized WTTC, supported by the West German Table Tennis Association and the Messe Dusseldorf-Team. Here you can find the most important organizer in detail.

partners & sponsors