The 2017 WTTC in figures
In 1926, the WTTC started with 9 countries and 74 players. Today the World Table Tennis Championships are the largest indoor sports event in the world. After a record number of 808 players from 148 countries at the 2012 World Team Championships in Dortmund, the ITTF has in the meantime reduced the number of participants to find suitable venues all over the world more easily.


Table tennis family remains large

The ITTF wanted to maintain the general principle of universality at World Championships. For the individual events, the Champion or best players from each association should take part and measure their individual skills against others. So they reduced the quota per association and reduced the number of free hospitality per association. This seems for the time being a good compromise solution “Then of course the ITTF will have to evaluate the reports after each championships to see the effect of the changes”, commented ITTF Chair Adham Sharara in 2014 when the reduction was introduced.

For World Individual Championships, all associations now have guaranteed 3 players and additional maximum 2 players for top ranking positions in singles and 2 pairs in all doubles, except the host association, which would have 6 entries in singles and 3 pairs in doubles.

However, the table tennis family remains large in 2017. From a total of 222 ITTF member associations, players from more than 130 nations are taking part at the 2017 WTTC in Düsseldorf.

Development of WTTC participants over the years

1926                9 countries, 74 players

2012                148 countries, 808 players

2013                127 countries, 801 players

2017                130 countries, 700 players

Düsseldorf 2017: 55.000 spectators expected

Over 4,000 accredited people are guests of the tournament and contribute in different ways to the success of the event. Here are some examples:

  • 700 male and female players
  • 400 coaches
  • 200 umpires and referees
  • 300 volunteers
  • 400 media representatives from 32 countries

In addition, the organizers expect approximately 55,000 spectators in total.

Enormous efforts

Three halls of the large fair grounds of Messe Düsseldorf are reserved for competition and training. In further areas of the exhibition centre, visitors can join different activities or shop some table tennis stuff at various sales booths.

Including venue preparation and disassembly, the WTTC occupies the exhibition centre for 17 days. Here are some more logistic statistics:

  • Table tennis will be played on 50,000 square metres
  • 7,000 square metres red sports flooring need to be laid, including separate wooden floor below
  • 100 table tennis tables for training and competition
  • 7,000 balls
  • estimated 1,400 matches, 6,700 games, 120,000 points will be played

2017 WTTC: A win for Düsseldorf and the whole region

The WTTC is also an economic factor for the region. The 4,000 accredited only need approx.:

  • 18,000 overnight stays
  • 80,000 km transportation service
  • 10.000 hour security deployment
  • 22,500 meals (lunch and dinner) made by 45 cooks, 50 tons of food altogether
  • 38,000 litres of beverages

Not included is the spectators’ revenue at the venue and in Düsseldorf by fans from Germany and around the world.

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