The family enterprise is major sponsor again
Home game for ARAG
At the LIEBHERR 2017 World Table Tennis Championships in Düsseldorf ARAG will be Major Sponsor again just like five years ago in Dortmund as well as in Bremen in 2006. We asked Connie Peters, Senior Director Marketing at ARAG SE, why the family entreprise in Düsseldorf supports the "home game" and what they wish from the World Championships
BP 19.04.2017

It all started in 2001 when a talented young player called Christian Süß played for Borussia Düsseldorf. And at the same time he was looking for an education place. The family entreprise in Düsseldorf offered him such an education place - it was the first engagement of the insurance company in table tennis. Since then, 15 years have gone by and the internationally active corporate group has strongly extended its engagement in table tennis. Beside the endorsement for the record champion Borussia Düsseldorf and the personal sponsoring of world star Timo Boll, in 2006, the sponsoring of the DTTB began. At the LIEBHERR 2017 World Table Tennis Championships in Düsseldorf ARAG will be Major Sponsor again just like five years ago in Dortmund as well as in Bremen in 2006. We asked Connie Peters, Senior Director Marketing at ARAG SE, why the family entreprise in Düsseldorf supports the "home game" and what they wish from the World Championships.

"Timo Boll is World Champion - all of Düsseldorf is upside down"

Mrs. Peters, the alliance between ARAG and table tennis started in 2001 with Christian Süß and Borussia Düsseldorf. Since 2006 ARAG has been a sponsor of the DTTB. And the World Championships this year will be your third WTTC as Major Sponsor. What makes table tennis worth supporting?

Table tennis is a perfect match for us because we have much in common. Top sport as well as mass sport, local anchoring, international reach and multi-generational target group - what is true for table tennis also applies to our ARAG Group. We are not only the biggest sports insurer in Europe, but we also actively succeed as insurer for private customers in 15 European countries as well as in Canada and in the USA. Therefore, our engagement in international top sport events such as the World Table Tennis Championships is of great importance to our locations outside of Germany.

Düsseldorf is host of the WTTC2017. The place of your business is in Düsseldorf. Is this the perfect "combination"?

Absolutely perfect! We have been waiting for a long time for the WTTC to come to Düsseldorf - the important center for table tennis and the location of our corporate headquarters. When the decision was made for Düsseldorf, we knew that we would get involved again as Major Sponsor. The current ticket sale figures already prove our decision to be right. Düsseldorf simply is a very attractive location for such an international event and there are many activities planned in advance of the WTTC. We are looking forward to a very successful and exciting sport event.

After all those years as sponsor and shortly before the WTTC: Has some kind of table tennis hype erupted already at the ARAG headquarters?

We have got many requests from staff and resellers asking whether we will raffle tickets again. In January we started our internal communication activities and a table tennis table has been set up in the foyer of the ARAG Tower. There are regular competitions in which people can win tickets for the WTTC. But by far, that's not all yet. Together with our long-time partner Borussia Düsseldorf we will promote many more attractive activities inside and around the ARAG Tower.


Finally: What do you wish for the WTTC? Or to put it differently: Which headline would you like to read afterwards about the WTTC?

Of course, I would like a sold-out venue and at the end an ARAG post on Facebook saying: Timo Boll is World Champion - all of Düsseldorf is upside down!

Ma Long is the king of Düsseldorf

He has done it: Ma Long is and remains the best table tennis player on the planet. The 28-year-old defended his world title spectated by 8000 people in the sold-out exhibition hall Düsseldorf. In the finals, he won against his countryman Fan Zhendong in thrilling seven sets.

Ding Ning defends title - local heroes out

Ding Ning made the triple: after her victory 2013 in Rotterdam and 2015 in Suzhou she added title number three to her collection. Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong are World Champs as well, while the local heroes Boll & Ovtcharov lost their matches.

A dream comes true

Today Petrissa Solja made the entry into the semi-finals in the mixed competition, thus securing a medal. With their Chinese partner Fang Bo, the left-hander won in the round of the last eight against Matilda Ekholm/Mattias Karlsson from Sweden within five sets.

Weikert elected for four more years as ITTF-president

He has done it! Thomas Weikert was elected bei the delegates of the ITTF for four more years as ITTF-President. It was a pretty close voting, with the better end for the german.

400 million spectactors expected

The regional broadcasters Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) and the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) provide the TV feed for the national ARD and ZDF. The ITTF is expecting the number of worldwide 400 millions of spectators. Social media via also brings the World Championships to a worldwide audience.

The WTTC 2017 seeding lists

Following the issue of the World Rankings for May; top seeds two years ago in Suzhou and the eventual winners, China’s Ma Long and Ding Ning head the seeding for the forthcoming Liebherr 2017 World Championships. Japan’s Masataka Morizono and Yuya Oshima are named as the top seeds in the Men’s Doubles event at the forthcoming Liebherr 2017 World Championships which commence in Düsseldorf on Monday 29th May.

Der Zeitplan en detail

Die LIEBHERR Weltmeisterschaften werfen ihre Schatten voraus. Inzwischen wurde auch der detaillierte Zeitplan für die acht Turniertage zwischen dem Deutschen Tischtennis-Bund (DTTB) und der International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) abgestimmt.

LIEBHERR WM: DTTB-Teams im EVENT & FAIR Hotel Tulip Inn nur einen Katzensprung von den Centre Courts entfernt

Wenn am 29. Mai die LIEBHERR Weltmeisterschaften 2017 in Düsseldorf (29. Mai bis 5. Juni) beginnen, übernachten der komplette WM-Kader inklusive des Präsidiums des Deutschen Tischtennis Bundes (DTTB) sowie weitere internationale Top-Teams im EVENT & FAIR Hotel Tulip Inn in der Arena Düsseldorf. Alle 288 Zimmer des in die Arena integrierten Hotels sind von 28. Mai bis 6. Juni für das sportliche Großereignis belegt.

A Partnership of the Special Kind

Liebherr is the title sponsor of the WTTC2017 in Düsseldorf. For 25 years now there has been a true partnership between the family entreprise and table tennis.
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