School, integration, volunteer engagement
Campaign days
For children, adolescents, merry go-round fans or young people, who are voluntarily committed to their sports or do so in the future - the LIEBHERR World Championships offers several campaign days for different groups or interests. No matter if theory or praxis, these days are focusing always on the sports itself and on the people, who loves and enjoy table tennis.

Extensive schedule

For pupils, young people and adolescents

World Table Tennis Championships in Germany are more than 8 days of competitive sports. Whether the Day of Schools, the Days of Volunteer Engagement or One Game. One World. – at the LIEBHERR 2017 WTTC in Düsseldorf, you can find a large supporting programme.

Day of “One Game. One World.”

When: Monday, 29 May

What: Sport has a tremendous integrative power. Regardless what country, culture or milieu people are from, sports can connect them. Table tennis can play an important role then.

To achieve integration instead of exclusion, the DTTB launched the Campaign "One Game. One World.". Motto: Cosmopolitan. Unlimited. Together. Integration. Message: Every person shall have the opportunity to play table tennis – preferably in a club.

DTTB and its campaign partner “Engagement Global”,, will offer hands-on activities on 29 May and plans a merry-go-round with celebrities.


Day of Schools

When: Tuesday, 30 May

What: 1,000 pupils of between 10 and 18 years from the region Dusseldorf experience the LIEBHERR World Championships live. During their school trip to Messe Dusseldorf they are welcome to play table tennis themselves at the Fun Park and of course watch the stars in both competition halls.


Day of Primary Schools

When: Wednesday, 31 May

What: Pupils of primary schools from 6 to 10 years from the region Dusseldorf can experience table tennis: as spectators and as beginners at the Fun Park.

Days of Volunteer Engagement

When: 2 June - 5 June

What: The Days of Volunteer Engagement are a kind of Table Tennis camp during the World Championships for people between 16 and 26. Hands-on activities are combined with theory-workshops. Young people are invited to dedicate their skills to their sport, support their club as e.g. coaches in the future or volunteer at events. The participants receive special trainings which help and motivate them for a long-term commitment in their clubs or on a regional level.

Day of Merry-go-round

When: Thursday, 1 June

What: Play, run, play, run and the whole thing over again. There will be a merry-go-round competition for different age groups. Already before the LIEBHERR World Championships preliminary rounds will take place in different schools in Germany. The finals with approximately 300 pupils are on 1 June.

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